Trump’s Treasury Sec. Learns The Hard Way Not To F*ck With Maxine Waters – Video

Rep. Maxine Waters squares off with Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin during a House Financial Services Committee hearing.

Democratic Representative Maxine Waters of California had a heated confrontation with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin regarding Trump’s finances.

Market Watch reports that Waters, the ranking member of the committee “reclaimed her time repeatedly and asked for more time” during a “heated exchange with Mnuchin.

At issue was a letter that Democratic committee members sent to Mnunchin on May 23 requesting he “provide copies of all pertinent financial records to this Committee that may shed light on President Trump’s  financial transactions with and business ties to Russia, as well as those of his family members and associates” no later than June 2, 2017.

That letter requested 12 numbered items from the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

During a Thursday committee hearing, Waters chastised Mnuchin repeatedly for trying to deflect her questions regarding why he failed to respond to that letter by heaping praise upon Waters for her service to the State of California. (Mnuchin resides in Los Angeles.)

“Reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time,” she responded, adding: “Thank you for your compliments about how great I am, but I don’t want to waste my time on me.”

Once again she asked Mnuchin about his failure to respond to the May 23rd letter.

Mnuchin retorted, “I was going to answer that,” and then complained to the committee chair about being interrupted by Waters.

“Reclaiming my time,” she said, adding: “what [the chair] failed to tell you was that when you’re on my time, I can reclaim it.”

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