Twitter Explodes When Pence Ignores DO NOT TOUCH Sign At NASA

Vice President Mike Pence demonstrated that Donald Trump isn’t the only person in the administration who apparently can’t read. Or at the very least, thinks instructions don’t apply to him.

After speaking to employees at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on July 6, Pence was given a tour of the facility. During said tour, the Vice President ignored a clearly written – and rather large – sign advising visitors  CRITICAL SPACE FLIGHT HARDWARE DO NOT TOUCH.

 Yeah, well, maybe Pence thought that only applied to peons like us average citizens.

Or maybe, like, his buddy Donald Trump, who didn’t notice the limo parked right in front of the stairs leading down from Air Force One, Pence didn’t see it.

Time for an eye exam?

Maybe vice presidential fingerprints are exempt?

It’s a conundrum.

Meanwhile, the Twittershpere is – what else? All a-twitter! #donottouch






Maybe NASA should take a hint from this tweeter and put up some BIG RED ARROWS for people like the Veep.

For those who aren’t in the loop, the “Mother” Steve Marmel refers to in this next tweet isn’t Pence’s mama. It’s his wife. Kinda icky.


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