VoteVets Goes After Trump Again – Video

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Will Fischer is an Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations with VoteVets, and he has a message for Donald Trump.

The VoteVets organization has made no secret of its disdain for Donald Trump and has called him out on multiple occasions. This time, Will Fischer is going after Trump’s demonization of the press.

The most recent video released by the organization echoes the advice given to Trump by former president of Mexico Vicente Fox. But there is no humorous aspect to Fischer’s deadly serious message:

Steven Vincent. Marie Colvin. David Gilkey. These are the names of reporters – of American journalists who’ve been killed in recent years in combat zones: The names of people who have served right alongside me and my fellow veterans, and who were killed while doing their job. These are people who also have their memory and sacrifice tarnished every single time that you, Donald Trump, attack our free press.

Look, Donny – a free press? It’s part of who we are.

You want to make American great again? You can do so. By resigning. Today.

For all of his bluster about supporting the troops, Donald Trump has earned the ire of one of the foremost veterans organizations in the country. VoteVets has seen through the facade that Trump has haphazardly erected and, since Trump assumed office, has devoted itself to exposing him for what he is: uncaring, untruthful, unAmerican.

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