The Wisconsin Democrat Challenging Paul Ryan Has Raised $430k in 12 Days 

Randy Bryce is an ironworker and a labor activist who launched his bid to replace Paul Ryan last month.

Democrat Randy Bryce is challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) for his senate seat, and in the first 12 days of his campaign, Bryce has raised more than $430,000.

The money has been pouring in, and the campaign reports it’s coming from more than 16,000 individual donations with the average contribution totaling approximately $25.

“Just a few weeks into this race, we have seen what can happen when you have the power of working people on your side, and I am excited to work with everyone as we continue this fight through next November,” Bryce said in a statement.

Just 24 hours after announcing his candidacy, Bryce’s campaign raised more than $100k.

Without a doubt, Bryce is facing an uphill battle. Ryan is a popular and influential Republican, and Wisconsin is a very red state. Additionally, House Speakers are very rarely voted out. However American politics is not operating under ordinary circumstances, so right now, anything is possible.

Bryce’s introduction video has been widely praised for its focus on family, the importance of affordable healthcare and American values.

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