A Texas Native Weighs In On Hurricane Harvey, Trump And Climate Change

Texas Army National Guard Hurricane Harvey Response

The following is an email sent to me by my online friend Terrence Robertson after I inquired about him and his family while Hurricane Harvey was raging. I thought it was well worth sharing with a wider readership.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect my opinion or those of the staff of Liberals Unite.

Might Hurricane Harvey be God’s way of saying; “Enough with President Trump and Trump’s polluters!”?

I was born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast. My family’s history goes back in Galveston, Texas into the 1870s. We have our own family lore about Galveston’s 1900 Storm — America’s worst natural disaster in terms of human lives lost. The 1900 Storm killed between 6,000 to 8,000 people in Galveston alone; and another 10,000 to 12,000 people further inland. And my earliest recollection of a hurricane that I personally experienced was Hurricane Carla, a Category 4 hurricane back in 1961 (my family evacuated from Galveston and we stayed with friends in Austin).

Growing up along the Texas Gulf Coast, one learns about the patterns of these storms. For instance: typically, the middle to upper Texas Gulf Coast does not tend to suffer the threat of hurricanes until September. Before September, hurricanes tend to track further south, inundating the regions from the Mexican States of Tamaulipás and Coahuila south to the Yucatán Peninsula and into Central America. In addition, when hurricanes do strike, the wind, tornados and rains from them tend to seldom last any longer than about 24 hours within a single geographical area.

On Thursday, August 24th, 2017, gasoline prices went up four percent as refineries began shutting down along the Texas Gulf Coast because of Hurricane Harvey. Why the rise? Because weather prognosticators began claiming that Hurricane Harvey, coming on the twelfth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, would not only inundate the Corpus Christi, Texas region but might likely also move back off-shore, re-strengthen and move up the coast, massively flooding America’s core source of gasoline, motor oil and petro-chemicals: the Houston metropolitan region. So [there] would be a drop in the available supply of gasoline, motor oil and petro-chemicals.

Tropical Storm Harvey did move back off the coast and continued to head up the coast, affecting facilities not only in Houston, but also in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area and Lake Charles, Louisiana, as well as points farther east. Moreover, these weather prognosticators were warning us that Hurricane Harvey would plague us with “catastrophic, life-threatening” flooding rains … as defined by the National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center, tornados and, at the very least, gale-force winds on the Texas Gulf Coast for at least four to six days. The flooding we were to expect was being referred to as a “1,000 year flood event.”

The last time Houston was plagued by a similar storm with such “catastrophic, life-threatening” flooding was when Tropical Storm Allison struck Houston twice in 2001. Tropical Storm Allison first dumped 20 inches of rain on Houston on its way through. But after it passed, it then turned around and dumped another 17 inches in Houston. The reason that Houston periodically floods so badly is that where downtown Houston is used to be a swamp. It’s just 48 feet above sea level and 50 miles inland. The Houston area is also “table-top” flat. So even with all the drainage canals, and the widening and deepening of regional bayous, it takes a little while for rain water to drain off.

In western Galveston County, 50 inches of rain were expected from Harvey, but roughly 38 inches actually fell! It isn’t unusual for a hurricane to “bounce” off a coast, but it is unusual for a hurricane to slow to the point that a hurricane will continue to pour flooding rains, generate tornados and gale-force winds upon a singular geographical point for more than half a week. Tropical Storm Allison, for example, finished in just three days. So in that respect, Hurricane Harvey is highly odd! And this brings to mind those climate-change deniers.

Roughly three decades ago, I saw a study reporting the migration of various fauna — animal life — from the South into the Mid-Atlantic states and farther north. That was the first proof, for me, that climate-change was real. Those climate-change deniers are typically polluters or beneficiaries of polluters, such as Trump’s head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt — who argues against research by genuine climate scientists on how our climate is changing simply in order so that no laws may impede these climate-change deniers from getting the money they want. But coming so soon after the solar eclipse and especially with this being mere days before the Florence asteroid passes by — which is 2.7 miles across and could wipe out all life on Earth if it struck us, this raises another intriguing thought.

Since Trump, Pruitt and all the other now empowered climate-change deniers are busily sabotaging the efforts of, and silencing genuine climate scientists, then perhaps God might be stepping in now and using Hurricane Harvey and the Florence asteroid to send the American people a message. Consider, in 576 B.C. according to The Jerusalem Bible; in Ezekiel 32.3: The Lord Yahweh says this: … Ezekiel 32.7: When I extinguish you I will cover up the skies, and darken the stars. I will cover up the sun with clouds and the moon will not give its light.

This was a reference to what to expect just before the Babylonian conquest of Israel. So perhaps God is now saying, “Enough with Trump; get rid of him! Enough with Trump’s polluters; get rid of them all! Hurricane Harvey and the Florence asteroid are only My warnings to you. But if you continue on this path without standing up to these heretics, then YOU will be complicit in their crimes against My creation. And that will make YOU also guilty of their sins against Me.”

In other words; time is running out! The general consensus in the scientific community both recognizes and agrees that climate-change does cause these meteorological oddities such as Harvey. So, should we continue on this path, events such as Harvey may become the new normal.

I also cannot help but to think that another reason for this climate-change denialism is with the polluters changing our climate, other moneyed interests are taking advantage of that change so that they can force you to fork over even more money and, dare I say it, kill off the elderly so that they can privatize all of our Social Security, pensions, etc. So that climate-change denialism might be another way that these moneyed interests are telling the less affluent to “die off you old farts; we want all your money and assets!” So we need to act now, before this becomes a legacy for which future generations will curse us — such as today’s pre-school children as they age.

Terrence Robertson is a now retired former aerospace and chemical engineer, and efficiency expert in business process engineering. He provided the authors of Applied Intelligence with the resources for Automatizing Information Processing, and wrote e-Business Building Blocks; a primer for managers providing an overview on the design methodology to produce Java/Web based, Object Oriented (OO) applications using granular, reusable code. Terrence Robertson has also guest-lectured in courses in business process engineering, and taught as an adjunct professor of microbiology and organic chemistry.

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