Breitbart’s War On McMaster Bites Bannon On The Ass

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Steve Bannon is increasingly isolated in the West Wing as new chief of staff John Kelly tries to clamp down on operations.

As Steve Bannon becomes more isolated in the White House, the latest war waged by Breitbart and the ultra conservative alt-right media against National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster has come back to bite Bannon on the ass. Bannon was the direct hit by the Wall Street Journal in a recent editorial for “fueling infighting aimed at new Chief of Staff John Kelly and others.”

Bannon was also not invited to the meetings about tax reform in July after his proposals to raise taxes on the wealthy were published.

Bannon now reports to John Kelly, Trump’s new Chief of Staff. Kelly has made it clear that he wants no infighting, backstabbing, or anonymous comments to the press while he is in charge. Bannon’s attacks on McMaster have put him in a pretty difficult position. McMaster and Kelly are old friends, both generals. McMaster kicked Bannon off the National Security Principles Committee, where he obviously did not belong, and McMaster has not talked to Bannon in ages. Really, why should he want to? Bannon is not exactly the kind of guy you want to sit down and chit chat with.

While Reince Priebus was sabotaged internally, it is obvious that the problem was much bigger than Reince. In the end, Bannon found an ally with Priebus. Now, with no allies, he is definitely alone. Politico quoted a senior White House Official who said that Priebus even told Bannon, “You’ve got to get people to stop writing this shit because people know it’s you.”

When Bannon joined the White House, he filed an ethics waiver so he didn’t have to cut communication with Breitbart. It has long been suspected that Bannon has been feeding the alt-right press so that he can orchestrate his own agenda. This guy is the worst garbage one could imagine. According to Politico, Bannon is like a puppeteer behind the right wing media picking and choosing who to like, who not to like.

That all seems to be coming to an end. In June, Trump started telling aids he though that Bannon was responsible for the negative stories. You got to figure when stuff is printed that shows Bannon winning policy wars in the White House, it was not coming from Priebus. So why is Trump letting Bannon get away with this stuff?

Some aids think that Trump is scared about what Bannon might do to him if he sacks him. The Hill wrote that “Trump may worry about the damage Mr. Bannon and his allies could do to his administration if he is no longer part of the White House team,” the Journal argued. “But if his minions continue to vilify his colleagues inside the White House, how can anyone tell the difference?” Trump was forced to release a statement praising McMaster.

After all, Bannon didn’t go with Trump and his group to play golf in New Jersey He stayed in Washington. What do you think? Is Bannon’s time running out?

Featured Image: Von U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist James E. Foehl –, Gemeinfrei, Link

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