Donald Trump Cites Poll As ‘Proof’ He’s The Most Popular POTUS

Illustration credit: Pixabay (text added)

With his poll numbers tanking almost by the minute, Donald Trump has taken to his favored form of communication to offer “proof” that he is more popular than President Obama.

Trump is fond of proclaiming anything not to his liking as fake. There are fake news stories, fake polls, fake facts (how can a fact be fake – except in Trumpworld?).

With the revelations of how quickly Robert Mueller is ramping up his investigation into wrongdoing in the Trump administration, the early morning raid on former campaign manager Paul Manafort’s apartment, a grand jury being empaneled in Washington D.C. and the latest Quinnipiac Poll showing his already low numbers flirting dangerously with falling below 30 percent, it’s a fair assessment to say The Donald is feeling the heat. When 71 percent of those polled find that the president is “not levelheaded,” it’s got to sting! That stinkin’ Quinnipiac fake poll!!!!!

What’s an unpopular president to do?

In Trumpworld, that’s easy: make stuff up. Then find a venue – oh, say like Fox News or Sinclair Media to parrot your lies and present them as truth. But now, with even Fox News polls showing that he’s below 50 percent, Trump needed something – anything – to show his adoring fans that he’s the greatest! This morning he found just the vehicle to do it.

Behold his Tweet, offered as proof that he, Donald Trump, is more popular than Obama!

It must be true because it’s on Twitter!

Meanwhile, this “poll” is just a Twitter account with 125K followers. A look at who @Progress Polls follows gives an enlightening glimpse into the mindset of the “pollster.”

It’s got to be really difficult in the dark of night, with Melania somewhere in the arms of someone who can – well, let’s not go there. I can just see Trump now, sitting on the bed in his bathrobe, big belly spilling out onto the sheets while he furiously tweets away with his stubby little fingers.

Thing is, Trump doesn’t realize that all his tweeting and all his lying doesn’t change the cold, hard truth. He is unpopular and is getting more unpopular each and every day. Eventually, all of his misdeeds will catch up with him, and he will rue the day he made the decision to run for president to get back at Obama for humiliating him at the White House Correspondents dinner.

A word of advice, Donny, tweeting to your delusional supporters doesn’t change reality, no matter how hard you try. And oh yeah, Robert Mueller is gonna get you. And another oh yeah, so is NY AG Schneiderman. Double whammy, Donny. Double whammy.

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