The ‘Failing’ New York Times Trolls Trump – And It’s Glorious 

Donald Trump

The New York Times corrects Trump and it’s hilarious.

Donald Trump has repeatedly declared war on the free press, and he singles out certain trusted publications like The Washington Post and the New York Times by saying they’re “failing” or calling them “fake news.”

On August 7, Trump tweeted: “How much longer will the failing nytimes, with its big losses and massive unfunded liability (and non-existent sources), remain in business?”

NYTCo Communications, the official New York Times public relations team, replied – correcting Trump – tweeting that the publication is actually thriving with 3.3 million subscriptions and growing profit, income, and revenue.

They also stated their belief that Trump’s latest attack on the newspaper was Trump “responding to our story from Sunday about the Republican shadow campaign for 2020.” The Times also noted that they are standing behind that story.

In a subsequent tweet, the Times reiterated the fact that they stand by that story, having spoken to “75+” Republicans in researching that piece. They also noted that “This type of journalism is core to our mission.”

Adding insult to injury, Benjamin Wittes, Senior Fellow at Bloomberg and Editor in Chief at Lawfare tweeted a graph from Yahoo Finance that chronicles The New York Times’ massive stock growth over the past two years, and there’s an obvious steep incline in January, 2017 – when Trump was sworn in.

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