Trump Torn To Pieces In Fiery Video Rant

He’s back and he is pissed. Jonathan Pie doesn’t take too kindly to the recent humiliating behavior of Trump. 

Jonathan Pie is a British actor/comedian and a fictitious news reporter who’s so good at what he does, he’s been mistaken for being a legitimate reporter because his political rants are brilliant.

Played by British comedian Tom Walker, Pie appears in a series of video clips appearing on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter where he rants about the state of politics in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The clips are presented as conversations between him and his cameraman taking place immediately before or after the filming of regular news segments.

His hilarious video titled “President Trump: How & Why” went viral two days after the U.S. General Election and, as of this writing, has accumulated more than 3 million YouTube views.

In his latest video, “The White House Revolving Door,” Pie goes off on the insanity happening inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, saying he can’t keep up:

“I can’t keep up … They’re hiring and firing people at such a rate that if that revolving door goes any faster, The White House is going to “f***ing take off.”

“Why is he [Trump] hiring all these pricks that can’t do their jobs properly? It just proves he’s a prick who can’t do his job properly…” Pie rants.

Pie lists everyone Trump has offended in the last few weeks alone – including the trans community, the police and The Boy Scouts  — and in an exasperated tone he asked “How do you even do that?”

Prefaced on his Facebook page with the following text: “Another bonkers couple of weeks in Trump’s America,” this video has been viewed over 3.2 million times since he posted it a few days ago. It has been shared over 31 thousand times receiving nearly 2 thousand comments.

But don’t just read about it – watch Pie in action. He’s as entertaining as he is spot-on!

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