Now Is The Time For Republicans To Finally Take A Stand

It’s time for Republicans to take a stand against Trump and his administration’s comedy of errors that is transforming into a tragedy.

Politicians like catchphrases. When you have to get up in front of crowd after crowd of people and seem relatable, a catchphrase or two comes in handy. One catchphrase you hear from politicians on both sides of the aisle is “the American experiment.” We like to think of our relatively young country as an experiment in freedom.

At our most experimental, we appoint leaders who lack the political credentials many of our political leaders rely on. Trump’s election as president is an example of this experimental style, but the experiment went wrong. Instead of representing the common man, he’s insulting the majority of his countrymen and embarrassing the Republican Party.

Trump Was Never a Staunch GOP-er to Begin With

While Trump did run his campaign under the Republican ticket, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that he’s disagreed with the Republican Party on more than a few occasions in the past. Trump captured the backing of middle-class Americans the GOP seemingly forgot how to communicate with, so the GOP backed him as the new champion of their base.

Powerful figures in the Republican Party have distanced themselves from Trump as far back as the 2016 campaign season. House Speaker Paul Ryan was one of the earliest to voice his differences with the real estate monarch. His message during the campaign and after it has always been the party before Trump.

Many Republicans, like many American voters, felt Trump was the lesser of two evils. Even if he didn’t subscribe to all of the GOP mantras, he and the GOP had the same enemies. However, that hasn’t proven substantial enough for some Republican top brass, including Senators John McCain, Rand Paul, and Lindsey Graham.

Acts No Party Can Endorse

During the campaign, it was anyone’s guess what would happen should Trump assume office. His “tell ‘em what they want to hear” approach to stump speeches and apparent distaste for facts seemed more of an annoyance than an actual concern for those around him. No one expected him to make good on his more extreme statements.

Fast forward to week one in office, however, and we get the proposed ban on Muslim immigrants. More recently Trump suggested that transgender individuals shouldn’t be allowed to serve in the military.

Detestable as these acts are, there’s no question that Trump’s reaction to the neo-nazi activity in Charlottesville takes center stage in a comedy of errors that is transforming into a tragedy. Advisors and staffers close to Trump are jumping ship at a great rate, but some insist that they feel compelled to stay on and protect the nation from its President.

Take a Stand, Republicans

Whether or not it wins an election, accepting support from racist groups is wrong. The Republican Party likes to remind people that it was the party of Abraham Lincoln, the president who presided over the abolition of slavery.

To not condemn Trump’s failure to condemn racists would almost certainly be the last nail in the coffin of the modern Republican Party. After all, the only reason Trump did so well as a candidate was his ability to earn the support of predominantly white, male, Christian voters — not minorities.

Trump’s own staff are no exception. When you’re a federal employee, you enjoy the same first amendment rights as all Americans. But it will take more than the objection of political figures to convince a man who’s never publicly admitted a mistake to do exactly that.

A Grassroots Movement

What is at the moment a dark spot for the history of our nation has the potential to become a turning point. Electing Trump was an act of defiance — we, as a country, chose not to add to the long line of career politicians who so predictably assume our most powerful offices.

The experiment went wrong, though, as experiments sometimes do. We have evidence, quantitative and qualitative, and it’s time to agree on the facts here. That is paramount for voting Republicans. If power truly rests with the people, they need to stand up and own this. Tell Trump what he has done is wrong.

Tell your local officials, call them or write them. Sign petitions like the ones the White House still makes available after the Obama administration created the We the People program. Use the fantastic microphone social media has provided us – a tool politicians love to use during campaign season that is one hundred times more potent when used against them.

The cost of failing to do so will be forfeiting your seat at the table when the dialog of our nation’s politics is raised. Too much hard work, too much blood, sweat, and tears have gone into bringing this country to where it is today to allow such a huge step backward.

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Kate Harveston

Kate Harveston

Kate Harveston is a political writer with an interest in social justice and human rights. If you like her writing, you can follow her on Twitter or visit her blog, “Only Slightly Biased.”
Kate Harveston