Obama Shows Trump How A Real President Should Behave During A Crisis

One simple tweet by President Obama reminded everyone what it’s like to have a competent, compassionate president during a crisis.

While the gulf coast prepared for and then was pummeled by Hurricane Harvey, Trump:

Retweeted a meme where he eclipsed President Obama

Pardoned racist Joe Arpaio.

Bragged about winning Missouri in the 206 election by “a lot.

Attacked Republicans.

Whined about “fake news.”

Criticized Mexico and doubled-down on the notion they would pay for a border wall.

Pushed a book by his supporter Sheriff David A. Clark.

Complained about NAFTA.

Retweeted Katie Pavlich  who tweeted about pardons under the Obama administration.

Donald Trump is a disgrace and a global embarrassment and he should look to Barack Obama during times of crisis to see how a real, respected president should behave.

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