Right-Wing Extremist Says Men Shouldn’t Allow ‘Their Women’ To Work 

Jesse Lee Peterson is a conservative extremist who describes himself as the “most courageous, outspoken critic of the ‘civil rights’ establishment and ‘social justice’ movements in America today.”  

Peterson appeared on the “The Hagman Report” Saturday and said the devastation in today’s black communities” is the fault of weak men who “allowed their women” to work outside of the home. 

He said: “I look at what has happened to black people. When I was growing up, because men were strong and they loved what was right, you didn’t have this type of devastation in the black communities around the country because men protected their families and their communities from evil.” 

Here’s where he blames those weak men:  

“You mentioned how the women’s movement encouraged women to go out and work, but if men were strong, they would not have allowed their women to go out and work and the women would not have wanted to go; but the men were not strong enough to protect them from the evil that was coming from the women’s movement, and so it’s our job to do that as Christ has made a way for us.” 

This load of patriarchal malarkey fits right in with the narrative coming from the White House Bible Study Pastor, Ralph Bolinger, of Capitol Ministries who says it’s “sinful” for women with children to serve in Congress.  

H/T to Right Wing Watch for the audio:

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