Right Wing Pastor Says Trump Is Like Jesus – Video

Pastor Rick Joyner is back with his nonsensical – and may I say blasphemous? – praise of Trump. This time, he is comparing the Orange Scourge to Jesus.

According to Joyner, the chaos in the White House is a good thing because it shows that Trump, just like Jesus, is an extraordinary leader.

“I’m expecting some chaos in the White House team for the duration of Trump’s administration, and I am saying this is because he is such an extraordinary leader. It’s not a lack of leadership. It’s a different kind of leadership than we’re used to being in any place in our government because our whole system has evolved in a way of – you know – elevating people to leadership positions in our present government system that are not real leaders. They’re politicians. Trump is a leader!

Now Jesus, as I shared yesterday, he was the best leader will ever be. … Here are these guys (the apostles) who lived with him. He personally chose them for his inner core, his team, you know; his cabinet, if you will, and trained them himself. They lived with him for three and a half years, and yet on the night before he was crucified, they’re still fighting over who is the greatest. Why were they fighting? Because they are stallions! These are serious leaders.”

Well, I’m not as well versed as Pastor Rick in the Holy Bible (and seriously, I wonder if he’s ever read the entire book – I have), but I seem to recall that on the night before Jesus was hauled away to be tortured and crucified, none of his “stallions” came to his defense. In fact, those “leaders” Joyner refers to denied even knowing him and ran away.

Elevating Trump to the status of Jesus, a being whom billions believe is the physical manifestation of God, is pretty insulting to Jesus. It’s also pretty insulting to our intelligence to equate a man who heaps scorn upon immigrants because of their ethnic backgrounds and their lack of ability to speak English upon arrival on our shores to the Christian savior. Did Jesus go around boasting that he grabbed Mary Magdalene’s pussy – because he COULD? Did Jesus tell his apostles to go rough people up when they didn’t agree with his message? Some say that Jesus may have married. If so, did he cheat on his wife and sire children with five different women? I mean, I’m just asking.

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