Senate Intelligence Committee Bill Is Going To Piss Off Trump Bigly

Donald Trump

Trump is not likely to be happy about the senate reining in the drunk-with-power rampage he calls his presidency.

The senate intelligence committee recently introduced its 2018 re-authorization spending bill, S.1761, which has a few provisions in it that Trump is not going to like.

In addition to being chock full of money for monitoring future Russian interference in our elections, there’s a provision to squash any crazy ideas Trump might have about giving the Russians access to American intelligence information.

Mother Jones reports,

A provision of the bill would bar the president from setting up a joint cyber working group with the Russian government unless the president notifies Congress 30 days before the working group commences and lays out the purpose of the group, what information will be shared between the two governments, what the US government hopes to get from working within such a group, and the intelligence risks of doing such a thing.

After Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in July at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the two nations had agreed to set up a joint cyber security working group. Soon after, Trump tweeted that he’d discussed the idea but that “doesn’t mean I think it can happen.” 

As far as Congress is concerned, it’s definitely not going to happen.

Trump may call Russian meddling in the 2016 elections ‘fake news,’ but America’s 17 intelligence agencies don’t agree, and now they have senate intelligence committee legislation to back them up.

This could be a sign of the Republican rebellion against Trump’s ‘fake’ presidency and his attacks on members of his own party, or a genuine effort to defend whatever is left of the American democratic process. Either way, Trump is not likely to be happy about Congress reining in the drunk-with-power rampage he calls his presidency.

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