Has State-Run Propaganda TV Arrived?

Has State TV arrived to the United States? Maybe, maybe not, but what has arrived is Trump TV, which is just as scary.

Over the weekend, Kayleigh McEnany hopscotched over from CNN, where she was a pro-Trump commentator, to Trump TV. McEnany’s first program was on Sunday.

Trump, who constantly bashes the legitimate media for being fake news, has now created his own fake news channel. The first video debuted on, of all places,Trump’s official Facebook page. McEnany broadcast her 1.5 minute video from Trump Towers where she spoke glowingly about #45.

Apart from the video skating the actual truth, the whole idea of Trump TV is disturbing on many levels. First, McEnany refused to say exactly how she is being compensated. It is unknown if she is being paid by the Trump Organization, the Trump Campaign, or another source. Why isn’t she coming clean with exactly who is footing the bill for Trump TV? She probably is not doing this to get hits on YouTube. You have to figure if she left CNN, she got paid to do so.

Another disturbing fact is that it was done on Trump properties. This means that a Trumpette or some other deep Trump pocket is footing the bill. The video done by McEnany was not the first one to hit his Facebook page. His daughter-in-law Lara did one last week, lauding Trump and saying she brought “real news to the American people.” Not even Fox News has a show in Trump Towers, so why are these videos done there?

The idea behind the videos is more like propaganda than real news. In her segment, McEnany was a master spin maker at contorting the news. She praised Trump for increasing jobs. Yes, true, there was an increase in jobs, but not as much as when Obama was president. The actual increase this year came from programs that Obama put in place that Trump has not messed with.

Quoting the Washington Post: ‘Philip Bump noted after last month’s jobs report, what we’ve seen looks more like a continuation of a strong trend that Trump inherited from Obama, rather than Trump steering “the economy back in the right direction.” Things were already headed in the right direction, in fact, so Trump didn’t need to steer anything. He needed to keep it on course.’

While many people are comparing Trump TV to something Orwellian, it is more like what you see in a dictatorship or an authoritarian government. Mike McFaul, former ambassador to Russia under Obama, tweeted: Wow. Feels eerily like so many state-owned channels I’ve watched in other countries https://twitter.com/yashar/status/894206226040590336 …3:11 PM – Aug 6, 2017

While Trump TV is projected on a social media platform, it is very scary. The Orwellian Telescreen projected 24 hours to the upper and middle classes while also being a security camera that followed everything the person did. The telescreens broadcasted party propaganda. Keep alert, this cannot happen in the United States.

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