That Time When Paul Ryan Requested Obamacare Cash

Paul Ryan

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has been an outspoken critic of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. However, what he’d rather no one notice is his request for Obamacare cash for a community health center in his district.

The Nation reports that in a letter dated December 10, 2010, Ryan asked Mary Wakefield, then administrator of the Health and Human Services Administration, to approve a grant application submitted by the Kenosha Community Health Center in Racine, Wisconsin.

In public, Ryan characterized the Affordable Care Act as “Washington’s reckless spending spree,” called it “irresponsible” and put forth the argument that the government would dictate who got what care and how much. Those death panels, you know? According to Ryan, who has been promising a repeal since the ACA was signed into law by President Obama, healthcare rights come from “nature and God” and the government has no place in making sure citizens are afforded access to health care.

But as his letter illustrates, Ryan acknowledges the need for funding community health centers and the low-income populations they serve.

Those under-served populations notwithstanding, Ryan and members of his party are still intent on gutting Obamacare, taking health care benefits away from those who need it and shoveling money into the pockets of those who are already wealthy beyond imagination.

Rep. Ryan, this is how ones spells #HYPOCRISY.

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