Trump Daughter-In-Law Hosts ‘Real News’ Program On Trump’s Facebook Page

Donald Trump

Tired of all those nasty media people picking on him, Donald Trump had his daughter-in-law host a “real news” program on his Facebook page.

After reminding Trump fans of just how much “fake news” is out there, Eric Trump’s wife Lara extolled the virtues of #45 by regaling viewers with his generosity, noting that he donated his first quarter salary of $78,000 to the Parks Department and announcing the Department of Education is the recipient of his second quarter salary. Always the dutiful daughter-in-law, Lara neglected to mention that Trump wants to gut Park Service funding by almost $2 billion. Of course, that’s peanuts compared to the $10.6 billion he wants to slash from education. I’m sure those $78,00 gifts will go a long way to offset the proposed plans to decimate the forest service and our public schools.

She goes on to do what Trump consistently does: heap praise for low unemployment numbers and a soaring stock market without bothering to mention that those trends were well in place when Trump took office. Thank you Barack Obama (except she doesn’t thank Obama).

Then there’s the I Love Veterans segment. Left unsaid was the administration’s proposal to cut benefits and privatize veteran care.

The “real news” show wraps up with a recounting of Trump’s meeting with ICE and NY police and his now famous encouragement for the police not to be so nice to suspects. Of course, nothing is mentioned about the blowback from law enforcement officials around the county, who felt it incumbent upon them to remind the president that, in this country, a person is innocent until proven guilty. And even then, we do not stoop to behavior that is criminal. Like in Putin’s Russia.

There’s also a big shoutout for all those great jobs to be had from the opening of the Foxconn Plant in Wisconsin. However, as The Young Turks point out, there are some huge costs – both financial and environmental – that could adversely affect the people of Wisconsin.

Not so much as one word is spoken about the turmoil in the White House, the defeat of Trumpcare, the Boy Scouts apologizing for his embarrassing speech at the Jamboree, or the nearly unanimous passage of the Russia sanctions: The House vote was 419-3 in favor and the Senate passing it 98-2.

Because in Trump’s world, everything is the biggest, the best, and he’s making America great again!

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