Ana Navarro: Trump A ’71-Year-Old Man Baby’ Suffering From ‘Early-Onset Dementia’ – Video

Ana Navarro unloads on Trump in the wake of his disgraceful Phoenix campaign rally, calling him a “defensive 71-year-old man baby having a disrespectful tantrum.” 

Republican strategist and political commentator Ana Navarro is not one to mince words when it comes to taking on Trump and last night was no exception.

Navarro took to her Twitter account last night, speculating that Trump might suffer from early-onset dementia in the wake of what the Independent described as “another abuse-laden speech” at a campaign rally held in Phoenix, Arizona, Tuesday evening.

As the Independent reported, Trump “attacked the media once again” for its so-called “dishonest reporting of his response to the recent Charlottesville tragedy “during the meandering 77-minute speech in Phoenix.”

He went on to blame the media for the rise in hate groups, telling the crowd that: “The only thing giving a platform to these hate groups is the media itself and the fake news,” and he also accused the media of “trying to take away the history and our heritage” in the wake of the push by many to remove Civil War themed monuments.

Continuing, the Independent reported that Trump “went onto hint that he would pardon controversial Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was found guilty of criminal contempt for racial profiling, threatened to scrap the Nafta trade deal once again and suggested he may shut down the government if Congress refuses to pay for his Mexican border wall.”

Navarro was quick to respond to the speech on her Twitter account last night in a 3-part tweet.

She began the series writing Trump was “making Charlottesville about about him” and “not hateful white supremacists” or about Heather Heyer, the thirty-two woman who was killed when a car plowed into a crowd of counterprotesters at Charlottesville earlier this month. Navarro went on to call out Trump’s “disgusting narcissism in the midst of tragedy.”

In her next tweet she called Trump a “Defensive 71-year-old man baby having a disrespectful tantrum over the way he was treated over #Charlottesville,” adding: “Someone bring him a bottle.”

In her third tweet, she suggested “early-onset dementia” as a possible explanation for Trump’s actions. ]

“Only possible defensible explanation for Trump’s disgusting, unpresidential, narcissistic behavior, would be early-on-set dementia. Maybe.” she tweeted.

Not yet satisfied, Navarro headed back to Twitter this morning, first tweeting: “I’ve been calling Trump, #PresidentLoco for a long time. Last night, he proved it’s more than a hashtag. It is stark reality.”

She then posted a link to a video of her discussing Trump’s speech as part of a CNN panel discussion and tweeting that she stands by her earlier assessment that he is not mentally well.

“I stand by what I said last night. The only possible excuse for Trump’s behavior last night, is if he’s not well,” she tweeted.

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