What If Obama Said It? Bill Maher Puts Trump’s Words Into Obama’s Mouth – Video

Comedian Reggie Brown on Real Time with Bill Mahr – youTube screenshot


After hearing some asinine thing emanating from the mouth of Trump, how many times have you thought to yourself or said out loud, “The Republicans would be calling for impeachment or worse if Obama said that!”?

Bill Maher returned to HBO on Friday night after, a respite of just one month, chock full of Trump outrage at perceived slights and the ever increasing drama surrounding the Russia investigation that our fearless leader brands #FAKENEWS! But that’s pretty much to be expected. Gone are the days of No Drama Obama.

Bill kicked off the show by interviewing Al Gore, whose new movie, An Inconvenient Sequel TRUTH TO POWER, had just hit theaters; and, for that alone, the show was worth watching. The panel, as usual, provided stimulating information and points of view. But it was New Rules and the bang up end of the show that hit the ball out of the park and into the bleachers.

For a short second, Bill made the audience believe President Obama was making an appearance, but it turned out that it was actually comedian Reggie Brown. The guy looks quite a bit like Obama, but close your eyes and you would think the real deal was talking to you.

After a scathing assessment of Republican hypocrisy, Bill did something we’ve all wanted to do: put Trump’s words into Obama’s mouth.

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