Wisconsin Senator Makes Shocking Statement About McCain’s Health Care Vote

Ron Johnson

How low can you go? Pretty low if you’re in the GOP and looking for an answer to why they couldn’t pass their health care bill.

In a stunning statement that lacks even a shred of decency, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson stated John McCain’s brain cancer might have had something to do with his vote on the disastrous GOP health care bill.

In an interview on 560AM “Chicago’s Morning Answer,” Johnson said he had been convinced at 10:30 p.m. that McCain was a yes vote on the bill due to assurances from House Speaker Paul Ryan that the bill would be subject to conference negotiations before final passage. Johnson didn’t say it out loud, but heavily implied that the lateness of the hour when the Senate vote was taken and McCain’s brain cancer converged to make the Arizona senator’s vote the product of a confused state of mind.

“He has a brain tumor right now, that vote occurred at 1:30 in the morning. Some of that might have factored in,” Johnson said.

His statement shocked co-host Amy Jacobson, who said, “Really? I mean he did get out — just had recovered from getting the brain tumor removed and then flew all the way to Washington, D.C., but do you really think that played a factor in his judgment call?”

McCain’s spokesperson shot back at Johnson’s remarks, telling NBC, “It is bizarre and deeply unfortunate that Sen. Johnson would question the judgment of a colleague and friend. Senator McCain has been very open and clear about the reasons for his vote.”

You know, maybe Johnson was correct about Senator McCain’s cancer having something to do with the vote – just not in the way Johnson sees it. Instead of the reason being that McCain is a doddering old man with signs of dementia due to his condition, perhaps Senator McCain realized he has world-class health care and the bill pushed through by Mitch McConnell would have thrown millions off of health care. Maybe Senator McCain didn’t believe Paul Ryan’s assurances, especially since the bill passed in the House was worse than the one passed in the Senate. Or maybe John McCain just wanted to give the finger to Donald Trump for being a clueless a**hole who thinks health care premiums are $12 a year.

Whatever the reason for his vote, this country owes a debt of gratitude to Senator McCain. I don’t always agree with his politics, but it was great to see a bit of the old maverick emerge just when we needed him the most.

As for Johnson, well, let’s just say shame on him for going so low.

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