Anti-Choice Group Backed By GOP Senator Wants Jail Women Who Have Abortions

National Pro-Life Alliance (NPLA), backed by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), wants to send women to jail for having abortions.

NPLA’s number one legislative priority is passing Paul’s fetal personhood bill which, if passed, would overturn Roe v. Wade and essentially make abortions illegal. Paul has helped the group with fundraising efforts in the past.

The anti-choice group’s President, Martin Fox, recently sent out an email titled, The Abortion Lobby’s “Get out of jail free” card, which focused on an Alabama resident, Amanda Kimbrough, who used meth amphetamine during her pregnancy and later gave birth to a premature child who died as a result of her taking drugs. The case later went to the Alabama Supreme Court where the state’s “chemical endangerment” law was made to argue a framework for “personhood” legislation that could result in an abortion ban. Kimbrough was sentenced to three years in prison.

Fox used Kimbrough’s story in his email to emphasize why he believes the case “brings to light just how hypocritical the courts have been in dealing with the abortion issue.”

Fox wrote in part:

Because of the perverted Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. It is considered a constitutional right for a woman to intentionally have an abortionist kill her unborn child at any time up until birth — either surgically or with the abortion drug RU-486. But if a woman recklessly uses drugs that kill her unborn child, even inadvertently, she’s arrested. Under this twisted logic, if a woman just asks an abortionist for the deadly RU-486 cocktail, as opposed to taking meth on her own, she’d have a get out of jail free card. Obviously, their so-called reasoning is absurd but until you and I ultimately succeed in our crusade to overturn Roe v. Wade, this is what the unborn will face.

Read Fox’s full email HERE.

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