What Do Bernie Sanders, CNBC, LATimes And Sarah Huckabee Sanders Have In Common?

Hillary Clinton
So, what do Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Jake Novak (CNBC), Doyle McManus, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders all have in common? They are high profile people who think that Hillary Clinton either “still doesn’t get it”, she should just “get over it” and that she “still is not taking responsibility for her loss.”

Hillary Clinton’s book is out and the shit is hitting the fan. On both sides of the fence, people are building cases for and against the book. On the for side is mostly women, and on the against side seems to be mostly men. This is my observation, you don’t have to agree with me. In Clinton’s book, “What Happened”, she gives her experience of what went wrong with her campaign for president. She is currently touring the book and TV circuit to talk about and promote the book.

The day the book hit the stands it was #1 on Amazon’s best seller list, however, even before it was released it already had negative reviews. It was also being shredded by many politicians of both parties, before they had read it. Now that some of them have read it, they continue to shred Clinton while defending themselves, and those who have not read it, continue to shred it and Clinton as well.

One of the politicians that Clinton hit hard on was Senator Bernie Sanders(I-VT). She commented that Sanders was in the race to “disrupt the Democratic party and that he had no interest in seeing a Democrat being elected.” Clinton also mentioned how Sanders consistently mentioned during the primary campaigns that she had taken money from Wall Street, however, when she asked him directly during the debates if she had ever changed a view or a vote due to a contribution, Sanders came up with nothing. KTLA News quoted Clinton when she said that his attacks against her during the primary caused “lasting damage” and paved the way for “(Donald) Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign.” Chuck Todd of NBC News Meet The Press asked Sanders directly about Clinton and showed a clip of Clinton on The View. Sanders first tried to side step the question to talk about his project – healthcare. Then gratuitously said that he had endorsed her and went all over the country for her. Sanders finished by saying the re-litigation of the 2016 election was unproductive and that the Democratic Party needed to undergo a fundamental shift.

USA Today quoted Sarah Huckabee Sanders as saying: Hillary Clinton’s book is filled with ‘false and reckless attacks’. Sanders attacked Clinton for writing the book, calling her sad. What is truly sad is Huckabee Sanders has not read the book and has no intention to do so, yet she is willing to bash it. She has not read the book, is giving opinions, and calling Clinton sad? Sanders also mentioned she has no idea if Trump will read it.

Jake Novak wrote a piece with the headline “By bashing Bernie Sanders in her new book, Hillary Clinton proves she still doesn’t get it”. Novak slams Clinton throughout his article writing things like “Leave it to Clinton’s bad timing to release a book blaming him (Sanders) for losing the election just as that poll was released.” The problem with this quote is that Clinton’s book was released in September 2017 and the poll that Novak was referring to was published in April 2017. I am not disputing the Harvard-Hill Survey, only this wrong quote and the continued misinformation. Novak insists the reason Clinton lost the election was because of Clinton’s attacks on Sanders. (No mention of Russia, James Comey, or the emails, only her attacks on Sanders.)

No where in his piece does Novak say he actually read the book. If he had, he would have known that Clinton accepted all responsibility for her loss. The same was true for Doyle McManus of the LATimes. Before the book was released, McManus wrote “Was this book necessary?”

Personally, I like Bill Clinton’s response he gave to Time Magazine when asked about the people who have criticized his wife’s book on the 2016 election,”They don’t have to buy it.”

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