Clueless Trump Supporters Sign ‘Impeach Hillary’ Petition – Video

Former Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper is launching a new series on Comedy Central titled “The Opposition,” in which he takes on the role of a faux right-wing conspiracy theorist who interviews Trump supporters. 

At a pro-Trump rally in Phoenix last month, Klepper had a little on-camera fun interviewing the attendees – who were clueless about his sarcasm. In fact, he got them to admit how they really feel, as well as getting some of them excited about a petition to impeach Hillary Clinton – who currently holds no public office.

The trailer for the show begins with Klepper telling one Trump supporter, “We’re anti-Oprah’s Book Club. We’re anti-Pho, not Antifa the movement, but the Vietnamese soup?”

“Aw, man, I love Pho, man,” the Trump supporter shot back.

“Why?” Klepper asked. “It’s basically just broth.”

Eventually, Klepper encouraged rally-goers to sign his petition to impeach Hillary Clinton.

“I hate her,” one Trump supporter said, and when asked if she’d sign a petition to impeach Hillary, she said, “Most definitely.”

Another Trump supporter, who was wearing the American Flag as a cape and a “Make America Great” cap, enthusiastically signed Klepper’s petition after he read the details out loud, “…to initiate [um] the proceedings, please sign below so we can oust Hillary from public office.”

Watch the trailer:

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