Human and Dog Moms At Florida Hurricane Shelter Go Into Labor, Bringing Babies Into The World

If you needed a little good news in the midst of all the chaos this past week, this is it.

Amid the whirring wind and pounding rain of Hurricane Irma, life went on at a Hurricane Irma shelter in Hernando County, Florida. At the height of the storm, a pregnant woman went into labor and a dog named Cheyenne gave birth to her first puppy.

The pregnant husky-mix dog was at Parrot Middle school, the only pet friendly hurricane shelter in the Brooksville, FL, area when she went into labor.

Brent Gaustaed, the school principal, told WFLA,

To know these things are happening, to know that all these people here love animals. To know that, as we go through a stressful crisis, something unique and kind of cool is going on. Hurricane Irma and the puppies are coming into town.

It’s unclear if Cheyenne gave birth to more than one puppy. Carol and her new dog family left the shelter on Monday and are staying at a friend’s grooming store while they wait for power to be restored at their home.

Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative, with provides service to Citrus, Polk, Pasco, Sumter, and Hernando counties has restored power to some areas. The remaining residents, which include as many as 40,000 customers could have power restored by Sunday.

Cheyenne’s owner, Carol, named her dog’s first puppy Mr. Hurricane.

Humans are also being cared for at the shelter and as WFLA reports, “In addition to the dog mom, a human mama also went into labor this morning at the shelter. She’s seven and a half months pregnant and was rushed to Brooksville Regional Hospital where she later gave birth.”

WFLA reports that “both mom and baby are doing well.”

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