Kids React To Donald Trump: ‘He’s Just Crazy!’ – Video


Before he was elected president, Donald Trump was the topic of discussion on Kids React, a YouTube series by Fine Brothers Entertainment, where kids are asked for their opinions on a variety of topics.

Videos of Trump in the Republican primary debates, as well as interviews with the media were shown to the kids. Not surprisingly, these young viewers saw right through the blowhard in chief. One little boy seemed to like Trump, saying he was a “nice guy” but later said, “If he’s gonna be rude to ladies, he shouldn’t be president.”

A few other gems from this thoroughly entertaining video that made me think sometimes kids can be a lot smarter than the adults around them:

“He’s like a 5 year-old. He throws tantrums about stupid things.”

“He speaks his mind, but his mind isn’t right.”

“My parents like him because they say he speaks his mind. But I hate him.”

“He’s just crazy.”

“So undiplomatic!”

When Trump was sparring with Ted Cruz during one of the Republican debates: “They’re both like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“I don’t want him to be president. If he becomes president, I’m moving to Canada.”

“A lot of people have comb-overs – but that comb-over – like, you have to know …”

“A lot of people like him only because he says things that other people don’t have the courage to say. Sometimes you just gotta keep some certain things in.”

“He’s just really racist. If you want to be president, you shouldn’t be racist.”

When asked if they had any idea who Donald Trump was, one girl summed it up thusly:

“The worst person in the whole entire world.”

These kids give me hope for the future.

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