The Myth That Megyn Kelly Is A ‘Unifying Force’ Is Hilariously Destroyed By John Oliver – Video 

Former Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly is attempting to rebrand herself as a “unifying force” after a career as a divider on a conservative cable network.  

Kelly’s new gig on NBC’s morning talk show “Today” seems like a perfect opportunity to transition from conservative and divisive political commentator to a “Can’t we all just get along,” sugary sweet talk show host.

Not so fast…

Fortunately John Oliver is here to remind everyone that Kelly’s new kumbaya image is nothing more than pathetic attempt to rewrite history. In a montage of Fox clips, the brilliant “Last Week Tonight” host exposes her utter hypocrisy by showcasing Kelly’s most divisive statements — from referring to black folks as “thugs,” disparaging the Black Lives Matter movement and complaining about the “war on the religious right” to insisting Jesus and Santa Claus were both white men. Huh?


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