These Trump/Pence ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Memes Are Cracking Me Up!

You can’t waste a good meme when somebody thinks of it. It has to go on, and on … and on.

When they’re as funny as these, though, you kinda like it when they go on. Something about combining one of the most famous game shows with … well, you know.

The first I saw with the “Wheel Of Fortune” theme was based on the infamous quote from #45:

But then, as the Meme Masters of the Internet started their machines up, they got more and more … disturbing?

But of course, Mike Pence is not immune. In fact, we need a few more about him — but here’s one:

(Love the thing with the glowing eyes!)

And then, there’s this — indeed, one of the top 10 “Alternative Facts” spewed by the Orange One in the last decade or so:

And let’s not forget one of #45’s top minorities to attack:


If you’re not rolling on the floor yet, here are a few more:

(From Twitter user Steve Galgas.)

And, another of the most famous quotes from this president, as well as the top reason he was elected:

And lastly, just a reminder of what we’d all like #45 to do, and pronto:

To create your own Wheel Of Fortune meme, go here

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