Top White House Officials Worried Co-Workers Might Be Wearing Wires

The New York Times reported that top White House officials are worried some of their colleagues may be wearing wires to gather information for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the possible connection of the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

As the Mueller investigation gains momentum, tensions are increasing between White House Counsel Don McGahn and Trump’s lawyer, Ty Cobb – who was hired to deal with the Mueller probe.

The Times reported that Cobb has pushed for the administration to release as many documents as possible for Mueller’s investigation, but McGahn is concerned about precedents that might weaken the White House for future administrations.

The tension has caused top officials to privately say they believe some colleagues might be wearing wires to record conversations that could be used in Mueller’s probe. 

Mueller has requested emails and documents having anything to do with ties between Trump’s 2016 campaign staff and The Kremlin. The White House has not turned down any request, and Cobb believes the administration should provide Mueller with anything he asks for because he insists there was no wrongdoing on behalf of Trump or his staff. McGahn worries that Cobb’s approach might limit any later assertion of executive privilege.

One snag that may arise, according to the report – McGhan is a likely witness, and Mueller wants to question him about the firing of James Comey as well as Donald Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer claiming to have dirt on Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. McGhan is willing to meet with Mueller’s people, but his lawyer, Bill Burck, has requested that Cobb tell him if Trump will use attorney-client or use executive privilege, lawyers close to the case say.

If McGahn goes against the rules governing which communications he can divulge, he could lose his law license or possibly face legal jeopardy

The Trump/Russia investigation is heating up and is no doubt leading many in the Trump administration to feel pressure. Just last week we learned that Mueller obtained a search warrant for Russia linked Facebook ads and accounts – which could signal an important turning point for the investigation.

We also learned last week that Mike Flynn’s son is now a target for Mueller; and Paul Manafort spokesperson, Jason Maloni, testified before a grand jury last week.

Tick, tick, tick…

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