You Will Not Believe Who Trump Follows On Twitter

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When I follow someone on Twitter, it’s because I’m interested in what they have to say and in the ways they can help to inform me. When Donald Trump follows someone on Twitter, it sure does look like he’s seeking affirmation rather than education. Not to mention a humongous dose of narcissism, but I’ll save that for my parting shot.

The Bloviator in Chief and Twitter fanatic, Donald Trump, follows only 45 people out of the 38.8 million who follow him. Of course, most of those 38.8 million followers aren’t actually people. Just fake followers he purchased; but I guess he ran out of money before he could overtake Barack Obama, whose Twitter following is REAL and at 95 million, dwarfs President Tiny Mind Tiny Hands.

So who does Donald Trump follow? Well, lots of family members: Tiffany, Vanessa, Lara, Melania, Eric, Don Jr., Ivanka. Interesting that Kushner isn’t included on his follow list, but then again, his surname isn’t Trump.

The Donald also keeps Twitter tabs on members of his administration and staffers: VP Mike Pence, personal attorney Michael Cohen, Dan Scavino, Jr. (follows both of Scavino’s Twitter accounts, so actually he’s only following 44 people), Kellyanne Conway, and even those with whom he’s parted ways, like Reince Priebus and former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Of course, there is a healthy dose of Fox News reporters and right-wing cheerleaders like Ann Coulter and his pal Bill O’Reilly.

In a nod to the older members of his fast shrinking but still adoring supporters, he follows the Drudge Report. I like to think of the Drudge Report as the Geezer Report, it having predated the younger, hipper Breitbart News, although referring to Breitbart as hip or as news gives me a terrible grinding pain in my gut.

Then there are Trump businesses: 7 hotels/golf resorts, as well as the blanket corporations Trump Golf and Trump Organization.

You can see the full list of who Trump follows here.  It’s a truly frightening look into the mind of the man who can’t be bothered to read daily intelligence briefings and who just embarrassed the United States (again) with his scorched earth, name-calling rant at the United Nations. Oh and, by the way, if you’re reading this, Donald, regarding your UN speech: Scourge is not pronounced scoarge. It doesn’t rhyme with oar, it rhymes with urge. I’ll make it easy, since I know reading is anathema to you. Here’s a video.

Jason Johnson at The Root took the time to break down Trump’s Twitter activities and came up with an illuminating view of the concerns of the Tweeter-in-Chief. His findings:

Family – 13%

Money making Properties – 17%

Celebrities – 15%

Right Wing News – 28%

Political Flunkies – 22%

But seriously, I think my most favorite of Trump’s Twitter follows is this one:

Trump actually follows HIMSELF!

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