Time For A Reality Check For My Republican Friends

I thought I would make an apology to those who¬†voted Republican this year. So here it goes…

I am sorry that as a person who makes less than $20K a year at a job I’ve worked at for over a year, I would like health insurance. I’m sorry that I want access to antibiotics when I’m sick and I want to know why there’s blood in my stool and urine. I’m sorry that if I had insurance, I would want to be covered for my pre-existing condition. I’m sorry that I can see other people who are in my position and I think we should all have access to proper healthcare.

I am sorry that I used Medicare for a couple months when I was pregnant, before my miscarriage. I just wanted a healthy baby and I knew a doctor’s supervision was necessary. I’m sorry that it was such a waste of your tax dollars.

I am sorry that you want to take away my ability to have an abortion. I’m sorry you complain about having to pay for Medicaid to allow me to have a hopefully healthy child but then also don’t want to support me spending my own money to terminate the pregnancy. I’m sorry that you want to force me to have a child, even if I might not be able to afford it.

I am sorry that I don’t fit your stereotype of low income people. I let down your expectations of the poor and for that I am truly sorry.

I am sorry that after high school, I decided to work two jobs to help out my family rather than go off to college. I’m sorry for not being born rich or able to find a job that pays more than $20K a year or one that advances one up to that income.

I am sorry that I am poor and probably will never be anything more. I’m sorry I’m not talented, rich, or have more than a high school diploma. I’m sorry that my hard work hasn’t paid off for me.

I am sorry you feel the need to tell me how wrong national healthcare is, despite me being one of the people who need it. I’m sorry you call people like me a lazy bum and I’m not.

I am sorry I don’t care if someone is gay. I’m sorry that I see people as people and think everyone should be able to be married. I’m sorry that I don’t see how gay marriage effects me in any way and think everyone should be able to do something that makes them happy, especially if it doesn’t infringe on my own “pursuit of happiness”.

I am sorry that if I was raped, I would not want to keep the baby and only be reminded of my rape every time I looked at my child. I’m sorry that I believe in genetics and their effects on one’s personality and behaviors. I’m sorry that my opinion on genetics is backed by science. I’m sorry I don’t want to raise a potential rapist. I’m sorry I want to be able to choose to bring a child into my own mess of a life.

I am sorry you hate me so much and don’t even realize it’s me you hate. I’m sorry you try to shove your opinion down my throat despite me trying to avoid the topic and saying flat out I didn’t want to discuss it.

Oh, and last but not least…I’m sorry that you are an ignorant prick.

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