Patton Oswalt Posts Note His Late Wife Wrote About Trump In 2004 – And Wow, Did She Get It Right

Patton Oswalt’s late wife knew the truth about Trump 13 years before his rise to the Oval Office. 

Stand-up comedian, actor and writer Patton Oswalt posted a note his wife, Michelle McNamara, wrote in 2004 on his Twitter account Friday night.

As Huffington Post reported:

Oswalt uncovered a note that his wife typed in 2004 while preparing to move out of his house, the comedian tweeted on Friday. On the printed note were musings resembling a poem. It was titled “Lies The Movies Told Me.”

“Rich tycoons are Bullshit,” McNamara, a true crime author wrote. “Even after spending an afternoon with Robin Williams, Donald Trump is still and will always be an asshole.”

“People who talk to themselves in voice over are deeper and more sensitive,” she concluded.

McNamara died suddenly in her sleep in April 2016 at age 46, and Oswalt recently opened up in an interview published by People Magazine.

“Just over a year, I became a widower and I have, I’m moving along as best I can,” Oswalt said, adding: “I can get up and I can do my job and I can be a dad but the wound is there. It is healing. It’s not shut yet …”

Later in the interview he added that: “There’s no sense to it. My wife was a true crime writer and researcher and the phrase she hated the most was, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ She would say, ‘No it f—— doesn’t. It’s chaos. It’s all random, it’s horrifying and if you want to try and reduce the horror and reduce the chaos, be kind that’s all you can do.’”

Huffington Post reported that: McNamara “supported Hillary Clinton before the 2016 presidential election, often retweeting messages that praised of the former Secretary of State and ones that were critical of Trump.”

Oswalt riffs Trump as part of his latest comedy show Patton Oswalt: Annihilatio;, and, as Huffington Post concluded, “Considering McNamara’s unearthed thoughts on Trump, it’s likely she would’ve been proud that his disgust for Trump has helped distract him from his grief.”


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