Polls Show Most Americans Don’t Want Trump’s Tax Reform Plan

Trying to make average Americans believe that rich people are struggling is a hard sell, even for a president with a sound reputation for lying.

Trump may claim that his tax reform plan is great for the middle class, but recent polls show most Americans don’t believe him and don’t support his tax reform plan.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports,

Most Americans say President Donald Trump’s tax plan would benefit the wealthy and corporations, and less than half believe his message that “massive tax cuts” would help middle-class workers, according to an Associated Press-NORC poll.

Among those surveyed, just 23 percent said giving wealthy Americans a tax cut would help the economy; 26 percent said it would make no difference, and 51 percent believe it would hurt the economy.

However, there was a completely different result when those surveyed were asked about tax cuts for small businesses, the middle-class, and low-income Americans. In all three cases, 68 to 80 percent believed such tax cuts would help the economy.

There’s another problem with Trump’s tax cut plan; it explodes the deficit. As Reuters points out,

Trump’s plan would balloon the deficit and add to the $20 trillion national debt, according to critics and independent analysts…

CNN also did a poll on Trump’s tax reform plan, and the results weren’t much different.

A slim majority of Americans (52%) oppose President Donald Trump’s recent tax reform proposals, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, while only one-third (34%) say they support the Trump plan.

Support is split largely along party lines: eight-in-10 Democrats (81%) say they oppose the plans, but seven-in-10 Republicans (70%) say they support them. Independents break against the proposals: 50% opposed to 35% in favor. About 14% say they don’t have an opinion.

There is good reason for Americans to be skeptical about changes to the tax code. Cuts for corporations and the wealthy will be paid for by syphoning money from the working class and poor, as Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Or.) pointed out in a tweet.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) also exposed Trump’s trickle-down tax scheme as a handout to the rich.

Even with complete control of the government, Republicans have had a hard time forcing their unpopular agenda on the electorate. Trying to make average Americans believe that rich people are struggling is a hard sell – even for a president with a sound reputation for lying.

With any luck, Trump and the dysfunctional Republicans in Congress will fail to fill the pockets of their donors and make income inequality even worse.

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Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou is a political junkie, animal rights advocate, and award-winning writer. She believes that if people can stand on line to buy junk food, they can stand on line to vote.
Gracie Lou