Did The Chairs Of The Senate Intelligence Committee Just Call Trump A Liar? (Video)

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Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that the idea of Russian interference in the 2016 election is a hoax perpetrated by Democrats as an excuse for losing the election. But the two men who head up the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) and Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) have just stated the opposite. So, in effect, they are calling the president a liar.

On Wednesday morning, Burr and Warner gave a status report on the ongoing investigation, now entering its ninth month. The Committee has expanded its probe, and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia has not been ruled out. Furthermore, Sen. Burr warned that Russian interference into elections has not ceased.

Citing the possible meddling in elections in France, the Netherlands and Germany, Sen. Warner said, “Russian active measure efforts did not end on Election Day 2016 and were not only geared at the United States. We need to be on guard.”

Despite some reports to the contrary, which are sadly gobbled up and believed by the far left and right alike, the Committee has found evidence that Russia hacked into the digital infrastructure of both the Democratic and Republican Parties and attempted to find vulnerabilities in the systems of 21 states. There is concern that state and federal officials are not doing enough to ensure the integrity of future elections.

Sen. Warner said, “We still believe there needs to be a more aggressive, whole government approach.”

Included in the status report was the verification that agents of the Kremlin manipulated social media via paid advertising and fake accounts with the intention of creating confusion and division.

Burr stated, “The Russian intelligence service is determined (and) clever, and I recommend every campaign and every election official take action.”

Both Warner and Burr said the Intelligence Committee wouldn’t release the ads purchased on Facebook and Twitter, but hope the two social media platforms would be forthcoming and publicly release the ads.

“I think at end of day, it’s important that the public sees these ads,” Warner said.

To be crystal clear, the Senate Intelligence Committee is chaired by a Republican, so this is not some ploy by Democrats to shift blame. This is a report from a bipartisan committee; and the findings so far do not bode well for Donald Trump or members of his campaign.

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