Security Guard Suspended After Video Of Him Stalking Indigenous Customer Goes Viral 

An undercover loss prevention employee who works for the grocery store Giant Tiger has been suspended after a viral video showed him stalking an indigenous customer.

Ezekial Bigknife is a frequent shopper at Giant Tiger and says this happens to him every time he frequents the store; so, he decided to record the undercover guard as he was being stalked. Bigknife’s mother, Maxine Stephanie Goforth, posted the video to her Facebook page on November 24 and the viral video is nearing 500 thousand views.

Goforth wrote:

“My youngest son went to get some things for his little family, and this is what occurred! Racial Profilling [sic] and harassment!! And same thing today!! This angers me because why do these dumb floor walkers assume that we all shoplift?? This is at Giant tiger [sic] in Regina, Saskatchewan. Avonhurst location..”

As he was filming himself being followed, Bigknife noted this happens every time he shops at that particular location. You can see him on camera saying to the guard, “there’s more brown people here, you should follow them too.”

Bigknife told CBC News:

“Quite frankly, I feel harassed. I just wanted to show people that this is what I’ve been going through for the several weeks, me and my wife, and I just got sick of it.”

He explained the security guard began following him at the beginning of October and, in that time, there have been no accusations of stealing merchandise. At one point, Bigknife confronted the employee about being followed but says nothing came from it. That’s why he decided to film what was happening.

Since the video was posted, Giant Tiger spokesperson Alison Scarlett issued a press release saying:

“What occurred in the video in question is a direct contradiction of our brand values, as well as our policies and quite frankly, never should have occurred.”

Scarlett called him to apologize, but Bigknife says it’s not enough. He says he’s complained about the stalking before and nothing was done about it.

Scarlett said an investigation by the company is needed:

“I would like to see them handle situations like that more professionally and not treat their customers like that, that are just trying to come and spend their hard-earned money and buy stuff for their kids.”

Watch the video:

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