CNN Host Destroys Breitbart Editor Attempting To Defend Roy Moore

Chris Cuomo destroys a Breitbart editor who attempted to defend Roy Moore’s predatory behavior by citing Ringo Starr lyrics.

In a stunning display, Breitbart editor Joel Pollak attempted to excuse Roy Moore’s alleged predatory behavior towards teenage girls by citing lyrics from a 1970s song by Ringo Starr.

CNN host Chris Cuomo was questioning Pollak about the multitude of accusations against Moore, Alabama’s Republican candidate to fill Jeff Sessions’ vacant seat in a December special election.

Pollak kept insisting to Cuomo that some of the accusations against Moore may or may not be true.

Cuomo responded to that defense by asking: “Can you think of another case where you had more than five women coming forward who don’t know each other with allegations of this nature and they were found to be false?”

Pollak responded that “There are lots of cases where Democrats have won on elections where they were under investigation or they had been convicted of something.”

“I know. I’m asking you something different, Joel,” Cuomo interrupted. “A case where you have five women come forward with accusations of this nature where they wound up being false.”

“Well we have cases where they ended up being true and the candidate still won,” Pollak responded. “Bill Clinton in the Democratic primary in 1992 faced -“

“I know,” Cuomo interrupted again. “The notion that it’s okay to vote for Roy Moore because sometimes these accusations are false – that’s  not backed up by facts. You could make that decision as a voter, even as a Christian voter who supposedly guided by a moral compass that goes beyond the laws of man. You can do it, but where’s the consistency on that? I mean you cannot come up with a single case where women in this volume have been exposed as part of some conspiracy to undermine a man running for office.”

“Well when you talk about volume, you know you started this segment by talking about allegations of child molestation. Right now there’s only one single allegation of a woman who was under legal age that – “

Cuomo interrupted again: “Arguably two, right? Because you had that other lady – sixteen, seventeen. She wasn’t a minor, but she was very [young] to have somebody who is that age come on her, let alone if it was an unwanted touching known as an assault.”

Incredibly, Pollak responded by attempting to use the lyrics of a Billboard hit by Ringo Starr to defend Moore.

“You know, in 1973, Ringo Starr hit number one on the billboard charts with a song ‘You’re 16 and You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine,’” Pollak said. “He was 30-something at the time, singing about a 16-year-old. Do we want to take away Ringo Starr’s – ”

“You can’t be serious,” a clearly stunned Cuomo interjected: “You can’t be serious.”

Pollak responded: “you can’t be serious. You’re talking about -“

“You can’t be serious,” Cuomo restated. “You think that Ringo Starr’s song is supposed to be a nod toward allowing 30-year-old men to prey on teenagers? You don’t believe that, Joel. You’re a parent, you don’t believe that.”

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