Trump’s Staggering Stupidity Collected In Cringe-Worthy Montage – Video

Who knew Donald Trump was a complete idiot? Evidently, Vladimir Putin did, but that’s another story.

Trump’s recent trip to Asia prompted the popular morning show “The View” to create a cringe-worthy montage of Donald Trump admitting he’s a clueless POTUS.

Here are just a few examples:

During the failed Republican effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, Trump said, “Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated.”

Um, President Obama did.

After the devastating hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Trump said, “The governor of Puerto Rico is so thankful for the great job we’re doing. “And it’s the most difficult job because it’s on an island in the middle of the ocean.”

He later added the ocean is a “big ocean.”

There was also that time Trump said, “Lincoln signed the law that built the first transcontinental railroad … most people don’t even know he was a Republican, right? Does anyone know?”

And during his trip to Asia this week, Trump said he “never knew there were so many countries,” until he was elected.

It’s difficult to believe a person this clueless is the President of The United States.

Behold the mock-worthy stupidity:

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