Trump Supporters Tricked Into Loving Obamacare When It’s Called Trumpcare – Video 

Supporters of Donald Trump prove they’re angry, gullible hypocrites. Again.

Late Night’s Jimmy Kimmel decided to try a little experiment to see if he could trick Trump supporters into loving Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act, by simply calling it “Trumpcare.”

Several nights ago, Kimmel released a video urging people to go to Donald Trump’s healthcare website to sign up at “” The video featured Americans singing the praises of Trumpcare (which is really Obamacare), and Kimmel’s little trick was a success.

The following evening, Kimmel shared reactions from Trump supporters online, the very people he says are usually at odds with him.

“I and many of my counterparts have taken issue with a great many things Donald Trump has done in his first year as president. But, I have to be honest, it hasn’t all been bad,” Kimmel said.

“Yesterday I was looking at the White House website, specifically, and I have to admit the health care plan there isn’t bad, it’s actually pretty good,” Kimmel continued. “And some of the people with whom I’m typically at odds with on social media actually had some positive things to say.”

“So last night, I encouraged people, even liberals who don’t like Trump, to think about signing up for TrumpCare, at the very least, take a look at it,” he added.

He read some of the responses from Trump supporters:

“Got to respect Jimmy for keeping an open mind. Goes a lot into healing the divide.”

“Funny how he made fun of the president for ruining the health care, but now that he’s actually proposing a great plan, Jimmy is praising it. Stupid liberals could have been supportive from the beginning instead of giving those ridiculous speeches.”

Poor little snowflakes have no idea they’ve been duped into loving OBAMACARE by a “stupid liberal”!


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