Scarborough: Women Stood In The Rain To Vote Against Trump – Video

Former Republican Joe Scarborough left the GOP and registered as an Independent because of Donald Trump – and no matter what you think of him, you’ve got to hand it to Joe for seeing the writing on the wall: women of the resistance won the election for Democrats.

Scarborough argued “both Democrats and Republicans agree” Northam didn’t run a winning campaign. Whether or not one agrees with that assessment, the fact remains – Northam did win and women were the ones who made it possible.

Scarborough said, “And yet, Virginia voters stood in the rain, they stood in long lines. And I do believe that next year may be the year of, quote, “women voters and women candidates.”

He continued:

“Because I hear stories of women standing in the rain in Northern Virginia, in long lines, and they weren’t going to move until they got their vote against Donald Trump. Last night wasn’t as much about Ralph Northam as it was voters — Republicans, moderates, Democrats, and women — sending a message to Donald Trump.”

Guest Jim VandeHei chimed in with, “Women went by 22 points for Northam. Women won the election for Democrats.”

Scarborough replied, “It’s the first time I’ve heard people saying women were standing in the rain in Northern Virginia and they’re not going to move, women standing in Charlottesville and they’re not going to move. We were getting these messages across Twitter, across Facebook live that there were women that were going to send a message, a strong message to Donald Trump.”

“And they did.”

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