Trump Eviscerated On Twitter After Bleating About Russia – AGAIN!

With his administration in panic mode and special Counsel Mueller hot on his heels, Trump is continuing his irrational claim that he’s the best president EVER. Even though he’s the worst.

Trying to remain calm when your entire empire is at stake has got to be unnerving, especially when the collapse of the empire also means possible prison time. So Donald Trump lashes out the only way he knows how: he takes to Twitter to bleat like a stuck pig about how unfair the Russia accusations are and how nobody in the history of the presidency can match his achievements. Well, to be fair, he did include the word “possibly” because, after all, Donald Trump is a modest man. Okay, so I choked a bit while typing those words. That’s just prior to my falling off my chair laughing uncontrollably at my cutting wit.

The Tweeter in Chief wanted to remind everyone how great he is in this tweet:

Since the first day I took office, all you hear is the phony Democrat excuse for losing the election, Russia, Russia,Russia. Despite this I have the economy booming and have possibly done more than any 10 month President. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Well, Twitter didn’t exactly agree:

I wish this compliment came from someone else and not urself. Ask Fox to start posting these on ur behalf. Self compliments are “Fake”

From the mouth of a PussyGrabbing, race baiting, lying draft dodger!

What exactly have you done? Health care? No. Wall? Nuh-uh. Immigration ban? Shut down again. Judicial nominees rated “Unqualified. Staff quitting or indicted. Not even Person of the Year. 🙂 ‘Russia Russia Russia’ is all you HAVE accomplished.

Discrediting the media and making it appear as though Obama’s economy is really your economy won’t save you from the wrath of Mueller.

A little (fake) sympathy and some tough love:

Oh Sweetie, You must be freaking out about the indictments. The ONLY thing phony is your presidency. You ARE Putin’s Puppet. You & yours DID conspire with Russia. Even if you resign Mueller’s team is still coming for you & your family. MAGA – Mueller Ain’t Going Anywhere

Perhaps the unkindest cut of all:

In his first 10 month (sic) in office @BarackObama got a Novel Peace Prize. And you can’t even get on the cover of @Time magazine! Just saying…

And ending on a poetic note:

Once there was a tiny handed orange man with #Russian wives and #Russia ties who colluded to rig an election which gave him and (sic) erection and therein our problem lies. #CrookedTrump

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