What Is The Trump Organization Doing With Latin American Drug Cartels And Human Trafficking?

How Trump Made Millions Licensing His Name To A Development Used To Launder Money

Time to talk about Ivanka Trump. The one that advocates working women and – made in America, but hires offshore slave labor to manufacturer her fashion line. The same Ivanka Trump that talks about women business owners, but steals designs from other designers, rather than create her own. Now we have the Ivanka Trump, friend to money laundering criminals.

Reuters, NBCnews, and Global Witness have all produced reports that tie the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Towers in Panama, to organized crime. The project was the first international venture for Trump. Trump leased his name to the property for a percentage of the condominium profits, operated the hotel and provided management advice to developer Roger Khafif, a local businessman with no real estate experience.

The 2006 project is where Ivanka cut her teeth in real estate. Trump Daddy gave her the project as her “learning experience. The main protagonist of the story is Alexandre Ventura Nogueira, a Brazilian car salesman who has since been arrested for fraud and money laundering.

Ventura Nogueira met Ivanka at the Panama Airport in the spring of 2007 in a chauffeured driven car with the Trump logo on the side. Nogueira owned Homes Real Estate Investment & Services. He was promoting investment into the project. According to Reuters, Ventura Nogueira said that he met with Ivanka many times while she was in charge of the Panama development.

In the NBC news article, Ventura Nogueira had insisted that he could sell the condominiums for 3 times the asking price of similar condominiums in the city. Ivanka told him to prove it; and when he did, she made him the leading broker of the project. They even made a video together to promote the towers. Newsweek reported that “The Trump organization responded to claims that the company had ties to Nogueira by stating that they were never aware of him.” A video and photos prove that untrue. His company was also responsible for half of the 666 condominiums sold. In his interview with Reuters, Ventura Nogueira described in detail his relationship with the Trumps. Additionally, Ventura Noeguiera said that he met with Ivanka at least 10 times and had been invited to Mar-a-Lago in 2008 to celebrate Trump’s birthday. Ventura Nogueira said he had been introduced to Trump and they spoke briefly. He has pictures of himself with Trump as well as with Eric and Don Jr.

The Trump Organization insists that they had nothing to do with the criminal activity generated by the project. Legal experts, however, disagree. The Reuter’s article quotes “Arthur Middlemiss, a former assistant district attorney in Manhattan and a former head of JPMorgan’s global anti-corruption program, said that since Panama was “perceived to be highly corrupt,” anyone engaged in business there should conduct due diligence on others involved in their ventures. If they did not, he said, there was a potential risk in U.S. law of being liable for turning a blind eye to wrongdoing.” Reuters was not able to find out if the Trump Organization conducted any due diligence.

Global Witness states that although Trump may not have started out to “facilitate criminal activity”, the project was associated with customers, brokers, and investors with known ties to illegal activities such as drugs, human trafficking, and money laundering. The Trumps made millions from this property used to launder money. It has been one of his most profitable deals, and he continues to earn money from it.

The Trumps ignored all the obvious signs of criminal activities. Global Witness reports the signs as being: Sales were made in cash, units were bought in bulk, buyers hid behind secret corporations, This is how criminals hide their money.

Ventura Nogueira also said he was “unaware” until the project was almost finished that some of the investors had ties to the Russian mafia. (Russia again and again and again) Nogueira insists that it was his job to sell and not to ask where the money came from. In an interview with NBC and Reuters, Ventura Nogueira said that 50 percent of his buyers were Russian and that some had “questionable backgrounds.” He added that he found out later that some were part of the Russian Mafia. He insisted no one ever asked him about the clients or the money, not the banks, not the Trumps.

Quoted from Reuters “Igor Anopolskiy, listed as director of four Trump Ocean investment companies was Igor Anopolskiy, who in 2007 was Homes Real Estate’s representative in Kiev. Police records state he was arrested in March of that year for suspected people trafficking. Released a year later on bail, he was re-arrested in 2013, and in 2014 a Ukraine court handed Anopolskiy a five-year suspended jail sentence with three years probation for offenses including people smuggling and forgery, unrelated to the Trump project. “

Adding to the mix, Colombian businessman David Murcia Guzman indicted in 2008, for money laundering in Colombia and the United States. Guzman’s former lawyer Roniel Ortiz was also Nogueira’s lawyer. Ortiz said that Nogueira offered to wash Guzman’s money by buying apartments for him. He wanted to help Guzman who could not deposit his money in a bank. Guzman is currently waiting to be extradited to Colombia where he will spend 22 years behind bars. Another investor in the Trump Ocean Towers was Louis Pargiolas who pleaded guilty in 2009 in Miami Federal Court for conspiracy to import cocaine.

There you have it. Trump, the man who said he came to Washington to drain the swamp, brought the swamp with him. The “successful” businessman who, according to this report, has partially built his empire with money laundered through unscrupulous activities.

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