Disillusioned Trump Voter: ‘He’s Not The Man I Thought He Was’ – Video

Some Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 aren’t happy with his performance as POTUS.

CNN interviewed voters in Beattyville, Kentucky – a town which overwhelmingly voted for Trump—to get their opinions on the president’s progress, or lack thereof, since he was sworn in last January.

Not surprisingly, many conservative residents held on to hope and are still supportive of the man who has not yet accomplished a single legislative victory, but there was one man who expressed disappointment.

Trump voter David Coomer, who voted for President Barack Obama twice, told CNN, “He’s not the man I thought he was. He’s overbearing, and he’s not getting nothing done.”

After CNN’s Poppy Harlow mentioned that Trump brags about an extensive list of accomplishments, Coomer wasn’t having it and said,

“He has not. He talks a good talk, but can he walk the walk? He said he’d put everyone back to work.”

Coomer is unemployed and relies on his father’s VA benefits so he can take care of his aging mother. He estimated that at least 30 to 35 percent of Beattyville residents who were able to work, don’t have jobs. Coomer said he believed Trump when he promised to add more jobs with living wages but he has not fulfilled that promise.

There will always be a number of voters who refuse to recognize reality but more and more, people are seeing Trump for who and what he is: a fraud.

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