All Out War Breaks Out On Roy Moore’s Facebook Page As Hysterical Supporters Clash With His Detractors

All hell breaks loose on Roy Moore’s Facebook page in the wake of his election loss to Democrat Doug Jones. 

It seems that Roy Moore continues to rage against the dying of his self-respect in the wake of his bitter failure to wrestle enough votes to ascend to Trump cohort Jeff Session’s old U.S. Senate seat in Alabama.

Moore had already drawn the ire of everyone from Trump himself to his biggest supporter – former White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon – for his refusal to concede the election.

On Wednesday, Moore commenced a failed attempt to launch the legal equivalent of a “Hail Mary Pass.”

As NBC News reported this evening (28 December 2017): “Late Wednesday, hours before the Alabama State Canvassing Board was scheduled to meet Thursday to certify Jones’ victory, Moore and his campaign filed a lawsuit alleging that voter fraud had tainted the election results and requesting that certification be delayed.”

However, as NBC News added: “Alabama officials certified the results of its special Senate election Thursday, officially naming Democrat Doug Jones the victor not long after a judge rejected [that] last-minute challenge from Republican Roy Moore.”

Moore also included a signed affidavit wherein he attempted to clear himself of allegations of sexual misconduct by boasting of passing a polygraph test. However, interestingly – by his own admission in the affidavit – he was only questioned about three accusers. However, as reported the day before the 12 December 2017 election – there was a total of nine accusers.

The news cycle surrounding the Dec. 12 special Alabama Senate election between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones has been dominated by stories about accusations of sexual misconduct made against Moore, the former chief judge of the state’s Supreme Court.

The first accusations surfaced in early November, when four women told the Washington Post that Moore had pursued them decades ago, when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. Since then, five more women have come forward with similar stories about Moore, who denies the allegations.

Anyway, turning to the point of this article, Roy Moore put up several posts on his Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate Facebook page; and all hell broke loose as his supporters clashed with his detractors.

Here are a few noteworthy responses by his supporters:

  • God Bless you Judge Moore, you are an inspiration. It seems pretty clear they had no intention of letting you into the Senate, one man in the Senate who refuses to go along with their fraudulent “interpretations” of the Constitution is one too many for the baby killing crowd.
  • Hell I haven’t heard a peep from Gloria Allred, Roy Moore Accusers and the Fake Media since December 12th. Gee what a surprised it was a hit job to ruin Roy Moore. Sad the Republican Party didn’t have guts to stand with you. Sad Alabama Voted for a man who defends murdering babies until birth and men using women’s restroom over Roy Moore who has defended Godly Values And Ten Commandments.
  • Secretary Of state needs to check Voting records to see how many Dead people voted, How many out of state people voted, how much vote buying went on, Felons voted etc! Judge Moore was convicted and said to be guilty without being proven in a court of Law.Left wing liberals and Rinos wanted to make sure Judge Moore was not given a chance to drain the swamp.Senator Shelby needs to retire from office. His write in remarks helped seal the deal. He evidently wanted a liberal socialist in office instead of a Republican.I assume he condones abortion,Transsexuals in bathrooms, sanctuary cities and all the God Less other things that the democrats want.
  • Pls take this to the Supreme Court, Sue the women, and the GOP for their false campaign to destroy you. Go after flake, McConnell, Romney and the leaders of Dems colluding to make you lose. The American people are furious and wwe must file a class action suit by all your supporters nationwide immediately. The GOP cut all funding and paid 30 million in the primary to smear you and lie. We donated to the Republican Party to fund Republican candidate at all costs. Must do HUGE nationwide class action by all trump supporters now. You will get millions. Sue Romney and flake personally from this class action. Must go to judges etc that are not corrupt Soros plants

There were also his detractors:

  • This race just proved that Moore is less.
  • Show some dignity and concede, why don’t you?
  • God chose the better man in Jones. Moore is not someone any decent god fearing person should vote for. A man so full of himself and a heart so filled with hatred needs therapy not a position of power. Thank the Lord for getting out the vote.
  • Picture of a loser. You don’t need to concede, the winner will go on without you. History will mark you as a stain in time.
  • You’re as embarrassing as your wife’s attempts to try and stay inappropriately young looking for you. Just go. You’re insane, you’re self-serving, and there’s no part of you that’s a Christian as you claim to be.
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