Watch Jimmy Fallon Sing ‘Robert Mueller’s Comin’ to Town’ As Bruce Springsteen

Jimmy Fallon presented an epic takedown of the Trump regime – slipping into a Springsteen impersonation to sing about Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. 

Jimmy Fallon has entertained us for years with his celebrity impersonations.

Back in January 2014, the talented host of NBC’s Late Show entertained viewers when Bruce Springsteen & Fallon’s Bruce Springsteen reworked “Born To Run” to address the Gov. Chris Christie’s Fort Lee, NJ bridge scandal. Their collaboration was titled: “Gov. Christie Traffic Jam” and can be viewed here.

Fast-forwarding to earlier this week, Fallon once again slipped into his best Bruce Springsteen persona to charm us with the reworked Christmas Classic: “”Robert Mueller’s Comin’ to Town.”

As Rolling Stone reported: “On The Tonight Show, Fallon resurrected his spot-on Bruce Springsteen impression – donning Aviator sunglasses, a red bandana, sleeveless denim and one earring – and adapted the words of Springsteen’s rendition of ‘Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town.'”

“You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, You’d better not lie to the FBI, Robert Mueller’s coming to town,” Fallon sang, adding “He’s making a list of naughty and nice, he’s gonna find out just who to indict, Robert Mueller’s coming to town.”

“He sees your Russian meetings, he’s read all your emails, he knows that you tried to collude, it isn’t ‘fake news’ for goodness’s sake,” he continued, concluding his performance singing: “All your asses are going to jail! Merry Christmas!”


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