‘Trump should be treated like a very, very bad child in a preschool’ – Former NY Post Columnist Shreds Trump

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Former New York Post columnist with over 3 decades of reporting on Trump exposes his narcissistic compulsion to continuously lie. 

The Guardian published an insightful article focusing on former New York Post columnist Susan Mulcahy and her decades long history of dealing with Trump’s lies.

Titled “A gossip columnist’s guide to outwitting Trump, ‘a narcissist beyond description,’ The Guardian began their article reporting that:

Trump’s reputation as a liar now precedes him, but this week it reached new heights. In addition to reports that he regularly brags about winning the votes of a majority of American women – he did not – other accounts say that he has begun questioning the authenticity of the Access Hollywood tape in which he boasted about grabbing women’s genitals.

It’s an over-the-top falsehood (the hosts of Access Hollywood have reiterated that the tape is authentic); but to Mulcahy, it is just par for the course with Trump. “Most people have an alibi or a backup plan; Trump doesn’t do that,” she told the Guardian. “He just says the exact opposite of what he did five minutes ago.”

Some other notable remarks by Mulcahy include the following:

  • “He’s a pathological liar. I’ve said that repeatedly and I’ve been saying it since the 80s. He has two sports, golf and lying, and that’s it. He just lies about everything.”
  • “People skirt the truth, they play games, they don’t call you back, but the way he lied I had never experienced before. It was so over the top and it was so arrogant. He’s a narcissist beyond description. Every day I get up, look at the paper and can’t believe he’s president. It is such a joke to me.”
  • “Trump should be treated like a very, very bad child in a preschool. Like the kid in preschool who really wants attention, so he throws his excrement against the wall? That’s Trump on Twitter.”

  • “Bury the absurd outbursts and cover what is really happening. Don’t cover his personality and his statements on Twitter, because they’re ridiculous.”
  • “He’s so excited to turn the TV on – it’s Donald everywhere and that’s all he want. He didn’t get into office with a plan, like: I want to accomplish these things. He just wanted to win – just like he wanted to make a major real estate deal and get the most tax abatements or whatever. He has no policies or theories, just a desperate, endless need for attention.”
  • “I certainly did not envision my comments about his lying to become relevant in this context so many years later. I thought he would be a lounge act in Atlantic City about now. If so, he’d be happier, and the rest of us would have much less to worry about.”
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