Trump Mercilessly Mocked After Drinking Water With Two Hands Like A Child During Important National Security Speech

Trump sparked an online meltdown after using both hands to steady a glass of water while unveiling his new national security strategy before the entire world.

As MSN reported: “Trump’s big speech on national security drew lot of attention on Monday (18 December), just as much for the way he drank water, besides what he said. It is the second time in two months Trump demonstrated a strange strategy for drinking water – with two hands like a child.”

Other media outlets were less generous in their analysis. Take Esquire Magazine, for instance, who reported the following description:

[Trump] presented his national security strategy on Monday. That strategy seems to consist primarily of his impression of his own obvious greatness. The speech was fat with banalities that he struggled to pronounce, vague policy prescriptions that he struggled to enunciate, and sheer unmitigated bafflegab that he struggled to deliver. Plus sniffing and gasping and a two-handed death-grip on a small glass of water. The president* himself sounds worse than his rhetoric does, and that boggles the mind.

“Small child” and other mockery dominated main stream media titles in the wake of Trump’s speech.

The hacktivist group Anonymous published a video mocking Trump for the incident as well as reminding people of another awkward two-handed water moment from November 2017, providing an opportunity for Republican Sen. Marco Rubio to exact his revenge. As CNN reported at the time: “Rubio had a chance at payback” after “Trump noticeably sipped from a water bottle multiple times during a speech — a move Trump had mocked Rubio for during the 2016 campaign.”

“Similar, but needs work on his form.Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera. But not bad for his 1st time,” Rubio tweeted, linking to a video of Trump stopping mid-speech to look for his water bottle.

As one might expect, Twitter was quick to respond as well, with a variety of hashtags floating around to include our favorite: #sippycup4trump.

This first post by Carbonated TV includes a brief video documenting Trump’s sippy cup moment for anyone who may have missed it:

Frequent Trump tormentor BrooklynDad_Defiant! posted a couple of excellent tweets:

There were the usual photo collages:

And a few good ones that included only text:

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