An Affair With Donald Trump? Nikki Haley Responds To Rumors

Nikki Haley

“Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff’s accusation that Trump is having an ongoing affair while in the White House has U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley fired up.

The Accusation:

Last Friday, Michael Wolff, author of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” insinuated that Trump is currently having an affair during a Friday appearance on  HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Speaking one-on-one with host Bill Maher, Wolff said that he was “absolutely sure” of the affair, but that he lacked the “ultimate proof.”

Continuing, Wolff told Maher, “I didn’t have the blue dress,” a reference to a key piece of evidence substantiating intern Monica Lewinsky’s Oval Office affair with Bill Clinton.

He also told Maher that he had left a clue about the affair in his “Fire and Fury” book – “towards the end of the book.”

“You’ll know it,” he said, adding: “Now that I’ve told you, when you hit that paragraph, you’ll say, ‘Bingo.’”

This led to wild speculation, with several news outlets publishing articles speculating on the affair.

Yahoo News published the following disclaimer with their Saturday article, Michael Wolff’s Trump Affair Clues Point to Nikki Haley, and We Hate This Story, on the affair:

A quick side note before we go further: This is gross on every level. We don’t have any evidence whatsoever to suggest that what Wolff is hinting at is true, so please consider this a story about an author making an accusation he admits he can’t prove.

Yahoo went on to report that: “We’ve read the book. While there are icky descriptions about Trump’s behavior with his spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, they come before the book’s midway point. (‘You’re the best piece of tail he’ll ever have!’ Trump is quoted as telling Hicks about an ex, which Wolff says sent  Hicks ‘running from the room.’)”

Continuing, Yahoo reported that: “The only passage we’ve found near the end of the book that references a Trump relationship with a woman who isn’t his wife or daughter is this one:”

By October, however, many on the president’s staff took particular notice of one of the few remaining Trump opportunists: Nikki Haley, the UN ambassador. Haley — ‘as ambitious as Lucifer,” in the characterization of one member of the senior staff — had concluded that Trump’s tenure would last, at best, a single term, and that she, with requisite submission, could be his heir apparent. Haley had courted and befriended Ivanka, and Ivanka had brought her into the family circle, where she had become a particular focus of Trump’s attention, and he of hers.

Nikki Haley Responds:

The Politico reported Friday morning that Ambassador Nikki Haley is responding to those “disgusting” and “highly offensive” rumors.

According to Politico:

Readers [of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House“] quickly homed in on a single sentence in the runaway bestseller, which has been criticized for everything from sloppy copy editing to gross factual inaccuracies. Wolff writes, “The president had been spending a notable amount of private time with Haley on Air Force One and was seen to be grooming her for a national political future.”

“It is absolutely not true,” Haley said, arguing that Wolff not only has his facts wrong, but that his insinuation is similar to other attacks that she and other successful women have faced when they’ve been forced to swat down suggestions they’ve slept their way to the top.

Haley elaborated, telling Politico:

I have literally been on Air Force One once and there were several people in the room when I was there. He [Wolff] says that I’ve been talking a lot with the president in the Oval about my political future. I’ve never talked once to the president about my future and I am never alone with him.

So the idea that these things come out, that’s a problem. But it goes to a bigger issue that we need to always be conscious of: At every point in my life, I’ve noticed that if you speak your mind and you’re strong about it and you say what you believe, there is a small percentage of people that resent that and the way they deal with it is to try and throw arrows, lies or not.

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