Alyssa Milano Masterfully Trolls Donald Trump Jr. In New Video And It’s Glorious

This is some epic trolling.

Now This has released a new video, narrated by actress and activist Alyssa Milano, asking “Who is Donald Trump Jr.”

From Now This:

He currently serves as a trustee and executive director of the Trump Organization and a big booster for his dad’s political agenda, but their relationship wasn’t always so close. Jr. is the son of Trump’s first wife Ivana who divorced him because of his affair with Marla Maples. He reportedly didn’t speak to his father for over a year and, while attending his father’s alma mater, he partied pretty hard.

The video, that will surely upset the president’s son because it accurately chronicles his sad little life, showcases how he began working with his father in real estate development, kills beautiful wild animals for sport, and some of Don Jr. most embarrassing hairstyles.

Eventually, the video mentions Junior’s close ties with members of the Russian government. The infamous June 2016 meeting is highlighted – when Don Jr. met with Russians who promised the Trump campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton.

For those who are not aware, Alyssa Milano rose to fame on the 1980s sitcom, “Who’s The Boss,” and has appeared in various other television shows and movies. She was recently included in Time’s Person of the Year for her part in the #MeToo movement, and she is also a fierce voting rights advocate.


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