Historian Predicts GOP Will Impeach Trump This Spring After Mueller Reveals Crimes That ‘Will Shock The Country’

American University professor Allen Lichtman has a solid reputation for making accurate predictions, and his latest prediction is a doozy – he firmly believes Trump will be impeached in the spring of 2018.


Lichtman has accurately predicted the winners of every presidential election since 1984, and he recently updated his book, The Case for Impeachment, which was released in April 2017 — prior to Trump firing former FBI Director James Comey.

On an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Lichtman said “There’s as strong a case of obstruction of justice as there was against Bill Clinton on a vastly more important matter than a blue dress. Remember, virtually every Republican voted for an obstruction article against Bill Clinton.”

Lichtman insisted Robert Mueller’s investigation almost certainly has a great deal more evidence of the Trump campaign illegally cooperating with Russians during the 2016 election season, and he believes that information will soon become public.

“It’s a conspiracy. I believe we have the tip of the iceberg of what the special counsel knows about the relationship between Trump and the Trump team and the Russians. There’s a fair chance that the reason they were covering up all of those calls from then to be national security adviser [Mike Flynn] with the Russians was to cover up a possible quid pro quo, the Russians will help us and in turn, we’ll ease those sanctions. Why else make those calls and why else lie about them?” Lichtman asked.

He also noted that there’s already strong evidence of obstruction of justice; but he also said there’s a “host of crimes” related to cooperation with Russians.

“I wouldn’t keep saying collusion isn’t a crime,” Lichtman said. “Of course not, but taking things of value from foreign nationals is a crime, aiding and abetting illegal computer hacking is a crime, negotiating as a private citizen with a hostile foreign power with which there is disputes is a crime. If this is serious enough, and I’ve taken a lot of flak for that, I think there even could be charges of treason. After all, Russia was waging war against us — not a war with bombs and bullets, but a cyber-attack, an online attack designed to destroy democracy.”


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