Poll: Where Do You Want To See Trump Spend His Retirement?

Donald Trump

It’s no secret. We’re all suffering from Trump fatigue to one degree or another. Every day it’s something else. You no sooner tamp down your outrage at the latest atrocity emanating from the Embarrassment-in-Chief than a new outrage rears its ugly head. It’s exhausting, enervating, humiliating, and disgusting – to say the least.

The other day, I made a Facebook post offering a reason why I hadn’t been on that social media platform as frequently as I have been in the past. My excuse was Trump fatigue, pure and simple. One of the people who commented mentioned she dreamed of him going to Leavenworth. Then another of my Facebook friends chimed in with this:

I hope & pray he goes to Leavenworth. I’ve seen it from the outside & it’s not pretty. Machine guns come up out of the ground when you drive up & a big, scary male voice tells you to state your purpose. (I drove up there one day just to look around, etc.! That sure didn’t last long!) It’s gray & grim looking, with a huge wall around it (Maybe that’s the wall Trump dreams of) & had lots of barbed wire on the top with guard towers spaced all around it. That’s all I saw before the machine gun pointing at me & the voice ordering me to turn around & leave. Heck, I thought maybe I could go in & have a look around since it was a government building! My mistake!!! It really scared me!

I immediately loved the idea of Trump spending the last of his useless life in a maximum-security prison. While I relish the idea of Trump whiling away his golden years without a can of hairspray, a local McDonalds, access to Diet Coke, and so much as a speck of gold leaf among a primarily non-white male population of the worst criminals in the country (maybe the world), there are other alternatives that would present an equally, if not more, attractive option. So I decided to construct a poll and let you chime in.

Pick your favorite and vote – just like I urge you to VOTE in every single election, whether it be local, state or federal. Oh, and if you don’t see the answer that warms the cockles of your heart, please feel free to include it in the comments below.

Let the voting commence!

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Ann Werner

Ann Werner

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Ann Werner