Republicans Can Call Trump’s Bluff To Avoid A Government Shutdown. But They Won’t.

Paul Ryan

For all the whining and complaining Republicans do about Trump’s inability to do anything but tweet, there’s a simple way to keep the government open and running. Call his bluff.

The current impasse involves a looming government shutdown on Friday. Trump has no clue how to make a deal, no real understanding of how government works, and no genuine commitment to serving anyone but himself.

As Vanity Fair notes,

Ironically, the only person who can prevent a government shutdown is also the only person involved in negotiations who has no idea how Washington works—as Senator Dick Durbin noted, “He’s never done a bipartisan deal as president.” And while the deal-maker-in-chief struggles to firm up his message, a government shutdown feels increasingly likely. Should a deal fail to materialize, Trump will likely bear the brunt of the blame. So naturally, White House officials are reportedly planning to pin the blame not just on Democrats, but on all of Congress.

But playing the blame game only serves to hide the fact that Congress has more power than it’s using. Lawmakers can pass a bipartisan budget bill, solve the DACA problem, fund the CHIP program, and send the whole package to President Idiot’s desk. If he vetos it, they can override it with a two-thirds majority and completely bypass Trump’s ill-informed antics. The only reason no one is talking about this perfectly constitutional option is lack of political spine.

The neurotic, anti-government Freedom Caucus can and should be ignored. Koch brothers’ finger puppet Speaker Paul Ryan can then bring a bill to the floor for a vote and welcome democratic votes to let it pass. And the same can happen in the senate. It’s the legislative version of telling Trump to ‘shove it’ up his sh*thole, without words.

Of course, this action would take an actual desire to serve the American people’s interests over the demands of GOP donors. And that’s why it’s not likely to happen.

Perhaps the most puzzling piece in the chaotic Republican puzzle is that they know what they’re doing is not working with voters. As the Koch brothers’ other Wisconsin puppet Gov. Scott Walker noted in a tweet, even dirty money can’t buy an election when voters figure out that they’ve been had.

If nothing else, Trump has exposed the Republican agenda for the fraud it has always been. This party is proving every day that their real reason for chasing power is to strip Americans of their rights and protections, destroy public health, and turn this country into a corporate kleptocracy. But it’s not working as they had hoped because they let a buffoon take over the White House.

Winter is here, and the big blue wave is coming.

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Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou is a political junkie, animal rights advocate, and award-winning writer. She believes that if people can stand on line to buy junk food, they can stand on line to vote.
Gracie Lou